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Mt. APO – Boulder Face

Date: November 24 – 26, 2017

Trail: SIBULAN -MT. APO PEAK TRAIL…… Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur , Philippines



Mt. Apo is the highest point with an elevation of 3,144 meters above sea level, making it the Grand Father of all Philippine Mountains and the dream mountain of every Filipino mountaineer. I have been dreaming to reach the summit of this mountain since day 1 of my climbing hobby. So when a friend sent me a message if I am interested to join the adventure, I immediately hop in!


Day 0 – November 23, 2017

We arrived in Davao city, evening of November 23. Tim, our organizer and owner of the page The Air Up There 

invited us to stay in his place. He served us a very good grilled tuna and a lot of beers!

Day 1 – November 24, 2017

Around 7 am, we went to Davao airport to meet the Manila team. I again, I did not failed to get another pose to the famous landmark of this international airport 🙂

We then continue our travel going to Sta. Cruz, which is our starting point. It was a good weather, clear sky but Sta Cruz weather is cool so just a very good day to start. After our last preparations, making sure we have everything we need, we then ride a 4 x 4 pickup truck which will get us to the jump off. And of course, the selfie with team Manila and team Cebu!

Going to the jump off was not easy even in a truck. The road was very bumpy, It was literally a pain in the ass, sitting in the truck!

But I just look in to the big picture and took this picture

We started our trek from the jump off at around 11:07 am, my first impression was wow!, the sun will suck up all the waters in my body.

I took a picture of Onyx before we start our trek

We arrived in the barangay were we took our lunch. It was a 30 minutes hike from jump off to that barangay. I forgot to take some pictures of our lunch same as the name of the barangay. But this picture was taken from there

After lunch, we decided to continue our trek at around 1pm


Some pictures from the trail

I must admit that I wasn’t physically prepared for this climb. I almost had leg cramps a few times. I was just able to avoid it from happening by slowing down. I reached camp 1 at around 5 pm. I pitched my tent and slept immediately. I just woke up when it was time for dinner.

But, before I took a rest, I was able to do this photo below. #CharBaki

This is camp site area in camp 1. Steve, told me that it reached around 13 degree celcius.

It was a night full of laughter! Tim and manila team brought with them crazy jokes that I never heard before.

Day 2 – November 25, 2017

We woke up and took our breakfast the next day. and we had a time to took some pictures.

We then pack our gear and immediately started our trek going to our next destination, we’re going to camp tonight in

White sand

Here’s few pictures from Camp 1 to Camp 2 to Boulders

I was so happy when we reached the boulders. Not only because I love to take the challenge in taking the chance to climb this rocky, volcanic area but I also saw my friends from Tadlas.


Here’s additional pictures from boulder face


So we arrived at the white sand camp right on the clock for lunch. The weather was so bad that we’re loosing hope that we’ll not be able to have a clear view from the summit. But at around 2 pm, the cloud cleared and we started climbing to the summit. And so these pictures were taken from


The night was crazy. strong wind, 12 degrees.  We already consumed all emperador brandy we have in as early as 6 pm. I was able to monitor the time we had our dinner but I am sure that I went back to my tent because of the cold environment. It was 10 degrees in my clock.

Day 3 – November 26, 2017

We had a good finger foods breakfast. We then break camp and started our trek going down.

and here’s the compulsory group picture.

Team Cebu and team Manila together with our great organizer and guide

Team Cebu, with Lui from team Manila 🙂


a few shots going down


All in all, I would still want to go back to Mt. APO. hopefully taking different trail and would love to visit lake Venado, an endorheic lake located at the foot of Mount Apo.

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