To GO List

Each and everyone of us have a childhood dream. To be a doctor, police an engineer and so on. As clear as I remember, I am a frequent traveler since my younger years. I remember that everytime nanay or tatay bring me somewhere, I always request to be near the window of the bus or the jeep. My main reason is , I want to see the beauty of nature. and of course I always hear nanay telling me.. “Huwag mong ilalabas ang kamay mo sa bintana.” (Don’t let your hands outside the window).

I am fascinated with the green environment, the waters, bridges and oceans. In short, I love adventures. The problem is, travelling is expensive (that’s how i heard before). but through time, reading and research. anyone can travel without breaking the bank. So I read more and take notes of tips on travelling. I just love to see the pictures of a blogger smiling from different places.

I decided to have a goal. I want to travel around the Philippines! I want to swim, run, climb, eat and any other possible activities that I can do to this beautiful country.

First I need a map. Thanks to google, I got this, please note that I don’t own this picture



Obviously, I can’t visit them in sequence from 1 to 71 and also I can’t finish that goal in 1 or two years. So maybe the first approach is like in my programming, I will attach it by module or by region. I can also do that by going to one place an try to visit others near on that place that I plan to visit. Currently I am in Central Visayas and I’ll visit first all places that are near in my place.


Let me start with Cebu and let’s see in the future if I can cover as much as I can. Remember my target is to travel the whole Philippines










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