Explore Davao

04 Nov

Dates: October 29 – November 1, 2015


Ever since I was a child, there’s something in me that wanted to go and visit Mindanao. But it is Davao that’s on top of my list. My reason is very simple. I would like to experience first hand how clean, peaceful, beautiful this place is. And I was right, Davao is really worth a visit.

While on the plane going to Davao, the fear of something may not go as planned still inside me. Not only because it was my first time visiting this part of the country, but primarily because it is Mindanao. But I also want to tell and prove to my readers and fellow  filipinos that Mindanao is a great place.

As usual, as much as possible I don’t like to explore a place in a taxi. I want to be like what locals does so I may live in that place even for a short while just like average citizen of the place.

Though not surprised, I know that most filipinos are friendly. So I always ask someone how to go from one place to another. With Davao from airport, we need to ride a jeep going to city proper. And they have this underpass… well it was not crowded when we passed


After having a simple breakfast, We decided to go to SM Lanang. We’re just curious how the building looks like


I love this area


I just noticed that the heat of the sun was unbearable that time. So since the next item in our list was Philippine eagle center, we decided to get a cab not only because of the heat but also because it is a bit far from city .
We had Manong Paeng. We agreed that he will bring us to visitor’s sites in a day. You can contact him via 09354225760


There’s a lot of animals and plants you can see in Philippine eagle center. We were surprised by this brahminy kite. She was on the pathway, then we discovered that she’s unable to fly because of injury. So we carefully had a photo with her


Well it was really heart breaking for me to see those magnificent birds in rope and cages. They are our pride. I am sure it  is so nice to see them freely flying in our skies, but since they’re endangered because of us humans, this is the only way to keep them safe. Ironic isn’t it?


Before we left the eagle center we had a chance to have a photo with this 30 kilos snake


Since it was already lunch time. We decided to try Davao’s deep fried farmed hito.


What’s the best and authentic dessert in Davao? You’re right.. it’s durian!


As much as possible, i like to buy directly to these small businesses, they need it most rather than those big mall operators


Next stop is the historical japanese tunnel. You just have to pay 50 pesos as entrance fee


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