06 Jan

One lunch time I was looking for a Karinderia (local food store) and saw this favorite pork recipe of mine. The good thing about having late lunch is that you can have a chance to talk to the cook who made all the recipe for the day. Yes, you’re right, I grabbed the chance to ask how to make Adobaw. It is like adobo and also like humba but with medium sauce. I think what makes it with adobo is usually almost dry. And with humba, hmmm I think the size of pork has been cut ^_^.

Well anyway, to add this on my kitchen recipe, here’s my version of ADOBAW


– pork , belly with medium fats, sliced into small cuts. Do not forget to wash the meat very well.


– soy sauce (preferred brand is Camel, but any brand of your choice will do if you can’t find one)
– vinegar
– brown sugar
– bay leaves (laurel)

– black pepper
– black beans
– asusenas ( i think this is the young flower of banana, it is usually found in the local market)


– onions
– garlic
– water


How to cook
– marinate pork with soy sauce and vinegar for at least 15 minutes. But if you have the luxury of time, marinate it overnight. Just put it in the fridge after mixing pork with soy sauce and vinegar.


– sautee garlic, onions
– put the marinated pork and mix
– put water just enough to level with the meat
– put black beans and asusenas
– in medium fire, bring to boil until meat is tender. Add water when necessary
– put pepper and laurel leaves
– put sugar and mix
– simmer for 3-5 minutes
– serve with rice and enjoy


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