Shrimp sinigang

31 Dec

Shrimp sinigang is another favorite of mine. I love the soup specially during gloomy weather. Native chili will definitely add a kick. Veggies and shrimp is totally delicious when dipped into patis(fish sauce)

So here’s how you prepare shrimp sinigang

The ingredients


– shrimp, washed and well cleaned
– knorr sinigang sa sampalok mix
– assorted vegetables, sliced. It typically compose of eggplant, okra, sitaw, labanos, kangkong
– onion sliced in circles
– water ( the one from rice washing, but plain is fine when you don’t have one)

How to cook
– in a cooking pot, put all the vegetables except for kankong
– put the onions
– put knorr sinigang mix, do not put all of it, the sour taste may be over for the taste of your family/friends
– cover and bring to boil until the vegetables are soft
– put the shrimp, and mix
– simmer for 4 to 5 minutes
– stop the fire
– put kangkong and mix
– serve and enjoy



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