Tinolang galunggong

15 Dec

They say that galunggong is a poor man’s fish. Well, this fish is one of my favorites. Especially when it is fresh, the soup of the tinola would be very tasty. Fried gg is also very good. But now, ill five you how to prepare tinolang gg or galunggong

Here’s the ingredients


– well cleaned galunggong
– red onions
– 2 tomatoes
– spring onions
– camote leaves
– green chili pepper
– salt
– lime
– magic sarap

How to prepare
– in a cooking pot, put 2 cups of water
– put sliced tomatoes and onions
– cover and bring to boil until onion turns transparent and tomato is soft
– put fish
– put green pepper
– put spring onions
– salt
– simmer for 5 minutes
– put lime juice
– put magic sarap
– put camote leaves
– simmer for 3 minutes
– serve and enjoy


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