Beef Pochero

15 Dec


– beef loin
– Cabbage
– Petchay
– potatoes
– Patis (fish sauce)
– tomato sauce
– long green beans (sitao)
– saging saba(ripe)
– tomato
– onions
– pepper corn
– garlic
– water
– cooking oil
– half knorr beef cube

How to
– boil beef until soft
– remove beef and set aside, we will use water later
– sautee garlic and onion
– put tomato
– wait till tomato texture soften
– put beef
– mix well
– put patis (fish sauce)
– whole pepper corn
– tomato sauce
– mix to balance ingredients
– put small amount of water (water used to tenderize beef) and mix
– let it boil and simmer
– put beef cube
– put banana
– put potatoes until it softens
– put sitao, cabbage, pepper
– let simmer for a few minutes
– put pechay and simmer
– serve and enjoy


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