10 Dec

Pinakbet if I remember it right is a main dish by tagalogs in the northern part of Luzon, Ilocandia I think.

It’s a tasty combination of vegetables and great with rice and fried fish.

Simple ingredients and with a smile while cooking, you’ll serve your friends and loved ones another Pinoy food.

The ingredients:


– pork
– pinakbet veggies (talong, sitao, squash, tomato,
  bitter melon or ampalaya, okra)
– tomato
– ginger
– shrimp paste or bagoong hipon
– garlic and onion
– water, oil, salt and pepper

Note that the bagoong or shrimp paste is very salty so take consideration of the amount you’ll put in your pakbet

Here’s how you do it

– sautee garlic, onion and ginger
– wait till onion is soft
– put tomato
– cook for a few minutes
– put pork
– cook till pork gets brown
– put bagoong
– put water
– bring to boil for pork to soften
– mix well then cover
– simmer till pork is soft
– put squash and simmer till it is soft
– put other veggies
– cook for a few minutes
– put salt and pepper to taste
– serve and enjoy


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