Chicken Tinola

08 Dec

I’ve known two versions of chicken tinola that’s because I had spend most of my childhood and school life in Luzon(Bataan) and my working Life in the Visayas. cooking procedure is the same but they differ in ingredients. In Luzon, we use unriped papaya and also native chili leaves while in the Visayas we use sayote and tanglad(lemon grass). They both taste delicious.

I am in the visayas now so here’s how I do it here.


– chicken cut into serving
– ginger cut into strips
– onion sliced into small to medium pieces
– tanglad (lemon grass)
– sayote
– chicken stalk
– salt and pepper
– native green pepper

If you want your tinola soup to be spicy, just use native chili.

Here’s the way to do it

– wash and clean well the chicken
– sautee ginger and onion
– put the chicken
– mix until it smells good and chicken oil is coming out
– put chicken stalk and mix
– put tanglad and bring to boil for 5 minutes
– put sayote , mix well
– maintain boiling until chicken and sayote are cooked. Do not over cook the sayote
– put salt and pepper to taste
– serve and enjoy


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