Chicken Afritada

05 Dec

Ok, everyone is busy about super typhoon Ruby (Hagupit). We’ve already bought some supplies in case of emergency.

Today I’ve prepared Chicken Afritada. And this is also my first entry in my Kitchen category of this blog.

Here’s my ingredients


* chicken in serving pieces
* potatoes
* chicken stalk
* hotdogs sliced diagonally
* carrots
* red and green bell peppers
* green peas
* tomato sauce
* onion
* garlic
* pepper and bay leaves
* cooking oil
* sugar
* raisin

And here’s the procedure on how to do it

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– pan fry chicken
– remove chicken set aside
– sautee garlic and onion
– put the chicken and mix for 1 minute
– put hotdogs and mix
– put bay leaves, tomato sauce and chicken stalks
– mix and bring to boil for a few minutes
– put potatoes and carrots
– salt , pepper and sugar then mix
– put bell pepper, green peas, raisin and mix
– bring to boil until veggies are soft enough


– serve and enjoy.

This best with rice and eat it together with your loved ones ^_^

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